Lepidolite Connected Bracelet

Lepidolite Connected Bracelet

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Quartz & Canary is a handmade product located and founded in the city of Toronto. Quartz & Canary
originated out of the love of jewelry and the spiritual arts. This company combines the ancient healing
principles that Mother Nature’s gems provide with the fine tuning of a jewellers craftsmanship. All of
the hardware for this brand is produced locally. The gems are hand strung and hand selected. Everything
Q&C is produce with the highest affordability and quality in mind – a true brand for all people.


Q&C Connected Clasp bracelets:
All of our gemstone are completely natural, they are not heated, dyed or treated. The hardware is solid
pewter with a varying level of finishes:
 Gold: 18k Gold Plated (4 microns)
 Two Tone Clasp: 925 & 10K Combination
 Silver: 925 Plating (2 microns)
 Antique Brass: Vintage Brass Coating
 Antique Pewter: Vintage Pewter Distressing
All of the pieces are anti-tarnish and are plated or distressed with longevity in mind. The pieces are
plated and we do recommend those with allergies lean towards the 10k or 925 plated options.
The bracelets are hand strung on a highly resistant line that is waterproof and waxed. Each piece has the
line stranded three times within each piece.



Sizing yourself for any Q&C bracelet is vital to the fit and comfort of your new found gemstone
energy. Please measure your wrist with a soft measuring tape. The measurement should be
fitted. Once you have your fitted measurement please add 1 to 1.5 inches to that length and
select your size. Please do not exceed this guideline as you can risk the bracelet opening or
falling off your wrist. Please be advised Q&C does not take responsibility for improperly
ordered or LOST pieces. Please make sure you also estimate sizing based on visually assessing
the fit. An oversize bracelet can result in loss of the item.
Example: the client may measure 6.25 inches in circumference, therefore the recommended
size would be a SMALL.

Size Fit (inches)
Extra-small 7
Small 7.5
Medium 8
Large 8.5
Extra-Large 9