About the Brand

Creating starts with self-reflection. When we tap into ourselves, we are able to express, shift, move and create. By exploring our own deepest desires and thoughts, we are able to imagine a world of endless possibilities. We have connected with many like-minded souls who have inspired us along the way and have learned that by connecting to our higher power and source energy, we have the ability to be our own healers. When we shift our perception into one that sees everything as a collective of love; true peace, unity and community radiates. We want to use this platform to give back to others.

Each month we choose a charity to donate a portion of our proceeds to. We strongly believe in the importance of giving back and spreading love. By doing so, we know that the power of love and light can be shared in our community and around the world.

Our name has many spiritual connections to us personally. We want to remind you to believe in the power of the sky above you and the earth below you. We believe that when you take a moment to embrace the beauty of the two natural wonders, you will begin to find peace within.


Sky above, Earth below, Love within.


About the Product/Services 

Sky+Lo is an authentic small shop company. We pride ourselves on being unique and offer a variety of clothing and accessories, as well as holistic products and services which include:
  • Non-toxic children’s teething accessories, including bracelets, necklaces and soothers
  • Printed clothing with eco-inspired designs and organic blankets
  • Crystal gems stones
  • Crystal Reiki therapy, energy healing and sound bath therapy sessions
  • Holistic skin care products and essential oils
  • Self-love and wellness products such as yoni eggs and crystal pleasure wands
  • Health and Wellness Workshops